Congratulations Greenland

Yesterday, more than 75 percent of the Greenlanders voted for increased self government. Only one area had a no majority. According to the Norwegian daily, VG, many Greenlanders see this as a step towards full independence. The vote has been welcomed by the Danish Primeminister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. According to Jyllandsposten he says (my translation): – The proposal for greater self government for Greenland has broad political backing on Greenland as well as in Denmark.

Verdas største øy tar eit nytt steg mot sjølvstende. Foto:NASA/Wikipedia
The worlds largest island takes another step towards independence. Photo:NASA/Wikipedia

It will be exciting to see how this develops. An important question will be if Greenland is economically able to support full independence. Today they receive funds from Denmark. Greenland has about 57 000 inhabitants. Independence wil of course be more expensive than todays homerule. Many Greenlanders hope that oil will be found and that will give them the possibility. This is also mirrored in the first comments from Johan Motzfeldt, leader of the social democratic party, Siumut. He said my translation):

The first area we want to take control over are resources. Now we have a mandate to do this.Afterwards we are going to launch a program to exploit this economically for Greenland.

Sermitsiaq writes in an other article that the Scottish company, Cairn Energy PLC is the biggest player in the Greenlandic oil sector. They received two new liscenes off South Greenland just days before the referendum, where the future resource incomes has been the most important theme.

It is the Danish parliament will make the final provisions for what powers should be transfered from the Danish government to Greenland.

You can find individual results from the referendum here.

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