Christmas protests

Today we will open our presents here in Norway,  while in Russia there will be protests against the fraudulent election earlier this month. I wish the protesters the best of luck. It would be nice if they could open up a democratic Russia when father Christmas comes this year.

I must admit I have my doubts, but this has been a year of surprises and a miracle might still be possible.

The miracle is only possible if the people of Russia takes it into their hands to make this Christmas a time of miracles.  Aleksander Navalny,  one of the most important people in the movement to make the Russian government responsible towards its people, writes on his blog (unofficial english version): Not coming is the same as giving national permission to the Party of Crooks and Thieves to continue cheating and stealing.

I hope many has the courage to attend.


Demonstrations on Bolotnaya Square on the 10th of December. Picture borrowed from Wikipedia.

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