Fewer poor Russians

The BarentsObserver reports that the number of poor Russians are decreasing. This is very good news. Still more than 13 percent of Russians are living for less than 4005 rubels a month. That equals 170 US dollars or 840 Norwegian kroner. This is not much at a time when foodprices are soaring.

Until the first of May Russia had a price freeze on “basic essentials”. The St. Petersburg Times report that: “A regular bottle of vegetable oil in St. Petersburg cost about 50 rubles ($2) in April but by May it cost up to 80 rubles ($3.25). In September last year it cost about 28 rubles ($1.10).”  These prices don’t leave you with much if you are living on less than 4000 rubles a month.

Lets just hope that the new found Russian oil wealth can be succsessfully translated into productive industries to give people work and a living salary.

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