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Arkhangelsk, maybe the last time?

This is just to give you a short update. The Barents Observer writes that the recount in Arkhangelsk must be a falsification. They report a rusnord.ru saying that

News site Rusnord.ru has however approached the leaders of the ballot stations, all people with extensive experiences from former elections. They all underline that the original results could under no circumstances have been incorrect. As noted by Rusnord, the votes on the respective station were on May 25 counted a minimum of three times in the close presence of election observers. The people counting the votes did not have any pens or pencils available, which could have made them able to manipulate election documents.

Maybe this is not the last of this election?

Archangelsk election – once more

The mayoral election in Archangelsk is over. I must admit I was somewhat surprised that Larisa Bazanova won the election with 37,55% of the vote against the governors candidate 37,41%. Read more about the five candidates here.

Put my puzzelment was soon over. The votes are recounted and Viktor Pavlenko was declared winner. No big surprise at all. The surprise is maybe that they needed a recount? Most interesting was the fact that only 18% of the electorate bothered to vote.

Five alike

The only debate was at the university of ArchangelsWhat is the most special thing about the upcoming mayoral election in Archangels? You could not guess? Five of the candidates have the same name. They are all called Sergei Moiseev.

One could of course speculate how this may come about. The fact is that one of the Sergeis is a strong candidate, and a leader of the organization “People’s Control”. However, he is not the governors candidate. The governors candidate is called Viktor Pavlenko who is the acting mayor. Maybe is it a good tactics to split the opposition votes among the Sergeis? Pavlenko was, by the way, the only candidate that did not attend the only debate in the campaign. The students at the university arranged the debate.

The former mayot was surprisingly arrested shortly after making clear his intention to run for the russian presidency.